Krautrock 2 Film Fundraiser

Source: Indiegogo.

Fifty years ago, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, creativity exploded in the German music scene. This globally audible supernova was called “Krautrock”. This movement, a whole sub-genre, a family of psychedelic, ethnic, electronic, folk & rock music styles created new musical elements that had not existed before and from which the musicians were able to create new worlds of sound. Its pioneering bands created magic: They took the fierce, undomesticated essence of the old gods of rock and roll, and infused it with a truly progressive and revolutionary spirit.

KRAUTROCK 2 is the second film in The Krautrock Trilogy. KRAUTROCK 1 was released in 2019. It focuses on the Krautrock bands in the Cologne-Düsseldorf region. It was received very well and it was accepted by the German distributor Film Kino Text for theatrical release. As of today, Krautrock 1 still plays in selected program cinemas in Germany.

KRAUTROCK 2 focuses on the German bands in the South of Germany, KRAUTROCK 3 will focus on bands in Berlin and two bands in Hamburg. All these documentaries are feature lengths stand alone films.

Through interviews with “Krautrock” musicians, clips of live performances, photographs, and current/archival footage, the films bring you onto a journey of remarkable times of musical innovation that has shaped the decades after.