35th Seattle Improvised Music Festival Schedule

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35th Seattle Improvised Music Festival Schedule
Due to ongoing concerns regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, this year’s Seattle Improvised Music Festival will not include any live performances. HOWEVER! A scaled-back version will be presented via streaming video in two programs. The first program will be presented in conjunction with Baltimore’s High Zero Festival, which is this year spread over four nights (Sept. 24 – 27), curated by presenting organizations in four different cities. Each night features a soloist, an ensemble, and an experimental video/sound project from the featured city + a soloist from Baltimore. SIMF also presents a second night separately from High Zero (Oct. 4). The two SIMF nights also feature video solos by out of town guests, along with Seattle artists recorded at the Royal Room. See the full schedule below. We will make links for video streams available when we have them.

(all events subject to change – watch here for updates)

Thur. Sept. 24, 8 PM (5 PM Pacific Time)
Curated by Elastic Arts, Chicago

Alejandro Acierto, artist/musician (Chicago)
Luke Stewart, bass (DC/NYC)

Norman Long, sound/art/design
Mallory Linehan (Chelsea Bridge), violin
Billie Howard, various instruments

Video + Sound:
Jonathan Woods, video
ABZyrd, sound

Fri. Sept. 25, 8 PM (5 PM Pacific Time)
Curated by High Mayhem, Santa Fe

Marisa DeMarco (Bigawatt), voice (Santa Fe)
Jamal Moore, reeds/percussion/electronics (Baltimore)

Raven Chacon, electronics/guitar
Carlos Santisteven, bass/electronics
Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion

Video + Sound:
ACVilla, video
Thollem, sound

Sat. Sept. 26, 8 PM (5 PM Pacific Time)
Curated by High Zero, Baltimore

Lucas Yasunaga, ecosystem of synthetic animals (Baltimore)
Jamal Moore, reeds/percussion/electronics (Baltimore)

Neroj Patrick, bass
Shelly Purdy, percussion
Duncan Moore, electronics
Susan Alcorn, pedal steel guitar
Sue-C, live video processing

Video + Sound:
Timothy Nohe

Sun. Sept. 27, 8 PM (5 PM Pacific Time)
Curated by Seattle Improvised Music Festival

Allison Clendaniel, voice (Baltimore)
Marina Albero, piano (Seattle)

Jim Knodle, trumpet
Casey Adams, percussion
Heather Bentley, viola
Evan Woodle, drums
Jenny Ziefel, clarinets

Video + Sound:
Dana Reason, piano (Corvallis)
Melody Owen, video (Portland/Sydney)

Sun. Oct. 4, 8 PM (Pacific Time)
Curated by Seattle Improvised Music Festival (not part of High Zero)

Ben Goldberg, clarinet (Berkeley)

Galin Hebert, drums; Laurel Evers, clarinet

Sam Newsome, saxophones (Brooklyn)

Thomas Campbell, drums; Dick Valentine, flutes, sax; Tamara Zenobia, voice

Joe McPhee, sax (Poughkeepsie)

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