Wendy Eisenberg Interview

Source: Aquarium Drunkard.

Wendy Eisenberg is an improvising guitar and banjo player with an extraordinary command of her instruments, flitting effortlessly from intricate, off-balance jazz riffs to oblique 20th century classical motifs to rock and folk and Latin sounds. Trained in classical music and jazz, the artist employs considerable skills in the service of what sound like enigmatic pop songs, which draw on soul-wrenching experiences in a very formal, well-regulated way. Their latest album, Auto, on the BaDaBing label, merges both these elements – the shit-hot guitar playing and the poised, oddly distanced self-revelation—in one of the year’s most intriguing releases. We talked as one of the weirdest summers on record drew to a close about Eisenberg’s technique, their fascinating with auto-fiction and the way that really demanding musical structures can provide a layer of protection when songs are very personal.