Extract from New Hawkwind Book Online

Source: The Wire.

If the 1960s in Britain was a time of increasing prosperity and optimism, the 1970s was one of confusion and crisis, the decade that gave us the “Three Day Week”, the “State Of Emergency” and the “Winter Of Discontent”. The post-war dream of social and economic re-development had collided head-on with political inertia and industrial unrest, with the country now constantly on the brink of chaos. Threats to humanity’s very survival also loomed on all sides: the oil crisis, international terrorism, pollution, the population bomb, and the ever-present prospect of nuclear war. It felt like the world was spinning out of control, with fear and conspiracy dominating popular culture. After the Age of Aquarius had come the Age of Paranoia…

Hawkwind were a band made for these times. While most artists peddled rock & roll banalities or were too wrapped up in their own self-importance, Hawkwind connected with the world at ground level. The dark, dangerous noise they made reflected the turbulence of the age back at their audience, ‘sonic attack’ as a form of self-defence against a messed up straight world. Anti-establishment to the core, Hawkwind delivered a unique brand of ‘radical escapism’ to society’s disillusioned and disenfranchised.