Complete Communion: Jazz For September 

Source: The Quietus.

Live performance — the heartbeat of jazz — remains limited as the coronavirus extends into its seventh month of shutting down life as we knew it. But, in Europe, at least, a trickle of concerts offers a glimmer of hope, even if fluctuating numbers suggests nothing is certain, and such activity could be quickly snuffed out. Still, improvisers excel at rolling with the punches, finding ways to keep the music alive, whether that means staging concerts on the front patio of one’s private home, as Bad Plus pianist Orrin Evans has been doing or playing online to an empty club, such as the series embraced by New York’s legendary Village Vanguard. Even if we don’t see them, jazz musicians are still woodshedding, rehearsing, and recording. So far, the pandemic hasn’t significantly impacted the flow of new releases, of which these ten terrific recordings are just a drop in the bucket.