A Brief Spin through Kawabata Makoto’s Eclectic Sonic Universe 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

If there is one belief gluing Kawabata’s several-hundred-title catalog together, it’s a conviction that he’s a corporeal tuning fork, a radio receiver transmitting psychic noise from his mind to the outside world. He suffered from tinnitus as a child and believed the constant ringing was a message from extraterrestrial intelligence. Around age 11, he heard the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen on a late-night radio show, and something clicked. “If this is a kind of music, my ringing may be music too,” he thought. A year later, he discovered rock ’n’ roll, was viscerally attracted to The Who’s rhythm section, and later wandered down the rabbit hole toward Zeppelin, King Crimson, and Deep Purple. “One day, I got an idea,” he says. “If my two favorites, Stockhausen and Deep Purple, played together, what great music they would play! I tried to find music like this, but I couldn’t… [so] I decided to start playing music [myself].”