Sally Gates Interview

Source: Chain D.L.K..

Shortly before Covid-19 took over our world and turned everything upside down, I met New York-based experimental guitarist and composer Sally Gates in late December 2019 for an interview for Chain D.L.K. after seeing one of her shows with Titan To Tachyons (her trio with Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski). I noticed her love for intense, rich guitar sounds, for improvisation, odd meters, and unconventional song structures, and I hoped to find out more about this talented and versatile guitarist. We talked about her background, her work in music and about her album production.

Many things have changed since then and I was keen to get back in touch with Sally for updates about her album and how she’s been doing since we last met. So, this interview is a mix of a portrait about Sally Gates from when we met in person in December 2019 and an email interview from mid-August 2020.