Gary Peacock has Passed Away – Confirmed

Thanks to a web site notorious for spreading auto-generated hoaxes, Gary Peacock’s status for the last three days was something like that of Schrodinger’s cat. First, news of his death made its rounds on social media and music web sites. Then the hoax page was found, calling these announcements into doubt by stating that he was very much alive. Even long-time collaborators of Mr. Peacock expressed confusion.

Today, NPR has confirmed that he passed away on September 4th, stating “His family confirmed in a statement to NPR that Peacock died peacefully Friday, Sept. 4, at his home in upstate New York.” This agrees with reports I received from individuals with personal knowledge of the matter, but understandably did not want to go on the record.

I am not linking to hoax site because I do not want to feed its click-bait.

Hopefully, this puts the controversy to bed for good. RIP Gary Peacock, one of the most innovative bassists of the last half-century.