The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: August 2020 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

There’s a popular TikTok that made the social media rounds recently that appears to offer the secret to achieving the elusive sense of internal harmony. According to its creator—and several other naturalistic healers on the internet who follow a metric called the Solfegio Frequency Scale—the frequency that can “repair your DNA and bring unconditional love to every aspect of your life” can be found at 528 Hz. While those claims are tenuously scientific at best, the pursuit of calmness and inner peace through music is a laudable goal. Artists like Jorgen Kjellgren and Forest Robots were brought to ambient music in the pursuit of beauty and tranquility; it felt like the only suitable format for expressing their outsized love of travel and nature. Others, like the artists featured on Touchtheplants’ Breathing Instruments compilation, seek a more abstract form of harmony, representing the act of breath in variously captivating compositions. Though this month’s selections for the best ambient on Bandcamp may not be tuned to the “love frequency,” their meditative methodologies produce similarly grounding results.