New Releases From Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

SHEDIR “Finite Infinity” CD (152nd Cycle)
2nd full length from Italy’s Shedir. Picking up where her last album “Falling Time” (Cyclic Law) left us, we are again treated to thick expanses of floating drones and intricate use of field recordings, exposing very skilful sound design techniques. Every object, every place, every being contains a kind of inherent solitude that is the pure essence of what it means to be. When the essence of something, its fierce and unseen loneliness emerges, we’re faced with the subtle kernel of being, lonely like the totality of stars. And the effect of being here, on Planet Earth, accepting silence, inscribes something on the cold, shiny walls of our souls, a finite flicker through infinity. Mastering by Lawrence English. Artwork by Nihil.

TAPHEPHOBIA “Blue Hour” CD (151st Cycle)
New album by Norway’s Cinematic Drone project Taphephobia. On is now 8th full length, we’re offered a dreamlike experience based upon personal emotional states and reflections of both the immediate environment and far reaching “outer” world. Not a concept album but rather a collection of feelings and visual impressions that revealed themselves in the compositional process. “Blue Hour” is dedicated to the unique atmosphere of the northern landscape. Artwork by Nihil.

LAMIA VOX “Alles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer” CD/LP (148th Cycle)
Long awaited new material from Lamia Vox. Titled “Alles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer” (Everything is shore. The sea calls forever) after the Gesänge poem by Gottfried Benn, the album is’nt presented merely as a musical piece but bears a deep spiritual message and a counterblast to the rational, materialistic and post-theist nihilism of current age. Inspired by early modern poetry, Hermeticism, fin-de-siècle symbolism and naturphilosophie, this new opus celebrates another vision of the world, one of higher dimensions and beyond the human sphere, a world of intoxicated and ecstatic alchemy of poetic language and ideas. An upward movement and a breakthrough from the bonds of materia to the source of life and eternity. Dionysian liberating lawlessness to oppose sterile rationalism and creativity, divine madness, metanoia as a form of ultimate salvation. Poetry flows, it is a sacred art and process and the laboratory of the Magnum Opus, a divine gift of deliberate madness.

LAMIA VOX “Sigillum Diaboli” CD/2LP (56th Cycle)
Re-issue of long sold out and highly acclaimed 2nd album by LAMIA VOX, available for the first time on vinyl, in a luxurious double LP in gatefold sleeve, as well on CD, all with new artwork. “Sigillum Diaboli” is a journey where Sabbatic fires burn into the night, incense smoke dances around the sorcerer’s circle while whispered incantations are delivered and entities summoned. The album alchemically combines ritualistic elements with vocals and chants, martial percussion and haunting ambient soundscapes, creating its own impressive and bewitching ceremonial atmosphere.