Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

Record Store Day has become more commercialized since it started and there are way too many rules & regulations as to what we can get & sell and for how much. For me, this is totally jive! There are hundreds of Record Store Days items that many stores have to fight over in order to get. The problem for us is that we have long specialized in a diverse array of Creative Musics: 60’s rock, psychedelic, folk, blues, country, jazz – mainstream, progressive & free, progressive rock, good fusion, Canterbury, modern classical, electronic, Downtown, Creative Punk & Metal, Klezmer, ethnic music, noise, lower case and anything else which tickles our fancies and inspires us. I have gotten past the point of caring how many copies any record has sold, it doesn’t really matter, just to those who care more about making money than creating art. Hence, most of the items that are promoted for Record Store Day are of no or little interest to us. Sorry to anyone looking for more commercial items. The good news is this, DMG is still alive and we are still not jive! Please come visit us at the store from Tuesdays through Fridays, noon til 6pm or you can read our weekly e-mail newsletter (on-line) which goes out to 7,000 serious listeners worldwide or check out our website which lists many records not found anywhere else. Some are still in stock, some are not, we do our best to find those elusive items that most folks can’t find anywhere else.

We will be open this Saturday for Record Store Day from noon til 6pm but we can only let a few folks in at a time. There will be some surprises in store as well. So please do come on down and say hello! You know who still loves you all, we do!