Downtown Music Gallery Newsleter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

Today is Master-Drummer and Healer, Milford Graves’ birthday so let’s celebrate and send him some love! Since the early eighties I have had the opportunity to see & hear the incredible Milford Graves play live more than a dozen times, each performance was one amazing! Checking out Mr. Graves collaborating with Cecil Taylor, Derek Bailey, John Zorn, Evan Parker and his own ensembles is always inspiring. He is an immensely positive spirit/force! Today, we finally got in copies of his rare duo disc with Don Pullen (on Corbett VS Dempsey), which has been in transit for three weeks. Hooray! All previous orders will ship shortly. Can’t wait to hear it myself. Milford is currently going through some difficult health issues, here is a link to a NY Times article that you can read for yourself:

There is also a Milford Graves documentary that is well worth checking out called, ‘Full Mantis’. Check it out if you can, it is fascinating!