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Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

PETER BLEGVAD was once a member of Slapp Happy (with Dagmar Krauss & Anthony Moore), a great pop/rock trio who joined forces with Henry Cow. Ever since deciphering the lyrics on both Slapp Happy and Henry Cow albums that Mr. Blegvad was involved with, I have been a major fan. In the early 1980’s, Mr. Blegvad was a member of the Golden Palominos, collaborated with Fred Frith & John Zorn and started making his first solo albums. His first album was called ‘The Naked Shakespeare’ and it was released in 1983. Since then there have been ten solo records, as well as a handful of collaborations with John Greaves (‘Kew Rhone’ – amazing!) and Andy Partridge. More recently, Recommended Records released a 6 CD set of his earlier catalogue and last year (2017/2019), Rec Rec released Blegvad’s first album of new songs ‘Go Figure’ since 2001. I believe that Peter Blegvad is one of the greatest of all lyricists, I keep going back to many of his songs, older & newer, and marveling at his ingenuity. I urge you to check any of his albums, all are wonderful! Time to play ‘King Strut’ again tonight! –