Paste’s Best Instrumental Albums of 2020

Source: Paste.

There aren’t many words that can make us feel better right now. Peace of mind is hard to come by these days, but sometimes the most comforting sentiments are the unspoken ones, which is why instrumental albums are such a gift. These are albums for moments of solitude that allow us to feel more connected to ourselves and the people that we can’t be around just yet. Whether or not you would consider yourself a religious or spiritual person, this is transcendent music about the human condition—more than capable of producing similar sensations of devotion and awe. In an effort to spread these complex and visceral feelings that come from instrumental albums, we decided to share a selection of 2020 releases that give us those precise feelings. From artists based in Los Angeles and Tokyo to Hamburg and Reykjavík, this is music of the earth, and we hope you find something here that makes your existence on this planet feel a little more meaningful and less overwhelming.