Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

I haven’t been to a live gig since mid March, which means it has been around four months, the longest period of time without live music since I was in high school, around 50 years ago. I thrive and survive on live music so you know that I am jonesin’ bigtime. Aside from listening to many of the albums and CD’s that I’ve acquired, I have been diving into many live recordings, the Dead, some psych, prog, punk, noise and lots of different jazz & modern classical music. My good pal, Matt Vernon, a well-respected Dead archivist has been slowly going through all of my early Downtown tapes and downloading each one, cleaning up the sound and sending me the files to check out. These cassettes come from the early Downtown days: 1979-1985 (some 40 years on). I listen to one entire set every night to hear what I captured from the history of the scene. I have 3,000 cassettes of live gigs that I taped (from 1979 – 2005) and my/our goal is to preserve them all and put them in an archive/library for future serious listeners. Matt has already downloaded more than 70 cassettes so far! I will let you know more about this as time goes on. Best set I heard this week was from Fred Frith/Ned Rothenberg/Kazue Sawai at the Old Knit in the late 1980’s.