A Listener’s Guide to Warr Guitar Music

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

When the prolific metal guitarist Colin Marston was about 10, a ride to band practice changed his life. His bandmate’s music-loving father, himself a longtime amateur bassist, had picked them up from school. While driving his charges to rehearsal, he put on some King Crimson, the prog band that brought to rock music a new level of brain-splitting intricacy. Marston, who’d never heard the band before, was floored; before long, he was tracing his own way through Crimson’s catalog. He was especially intrigued by something he’d never heard before—the Chapman Stick, a wide piece of wood with 10 or 12 strings that were tapped more than strummed, producing a hybridized bass-and-guitar tone that sounded as alien as the instrument itself looked.