New Releases on Tzadik

Source: Tzadik.

John Zorn : Baphomet
“Baphomet” is a masterpiece! One epic 40-minute long-form composition touching upon all of Zorn’s musical obsessions from classical atonality, minimalism, jazz, metal, punk, funk, improvisation, exotica and more. Passionately performed by John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski, the music has a dramatic cinematic expanse and is filled with new sounds, unexpected directions, virtuosic solos, bizarre structural complexities and ever surprising melodic and harmonic twists and turns. “Baphomet” is a courageous new step for Zorn, and a spectacular culmination to his 30-year exploration of the nexus that connects hardcore punk, progressive metal and jazz. Essential!
John Medeski: Clavinet, Organ
Kenny Grohowski: Drums
Matt Hollenberg: Guitar

Spike Orchestra: Splintered Stories
“Splintered Stories” is the brilliant new CD by Sam Eastmond of the Spike Orchestra, whose sparkling arrangements of Masada compositions were a highlight of both “The Book of Angels” and Zorn’s Book “Beri’ah.” Filled with startling instrumental colors, fiery solos, driving rhythms and moody harmonies, the music is brilliantly performed by this tight 15-piece big band and lovingly mixed by Marc Urselli. Cutting edge big band music for the 21st century by one of the most powerful ensembles working today!
Yazz Ahmed: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Harry Brown: Trombone
Olly Chalk: Piano
Josephine Davies: Tenor And Soprano Saxes
Sam Eastmond: Conductor
Moss Freed: Guitar
Will Glaser: Drums
George Hogg: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Noel Langley: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jeff Miller: Tuba, Sousaphone
Gemma Moore: Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet
Damon Oliver: Tenor Sax, Flute
Tim Smart: Trombone
Mike Wilkins: Alto Sax, Clarinet
Otto Willberg: Double Bass