Two New Releases Coming to NendoDango Records

Source: NendoDango Records.

Ras Moshe Burnett & Music Now!
This album was recorded live at Scholes Street Studio by Rene Pierre Allain during one of the legendary Music Now! sessions of the master improviser Ras Moshe Burnett. Paula and Pablo met him in 2014 and since that time they have collaborated together on different projects. On this album you will have the chance of listening to more than one hour of improvised music with the great Anaïs Maviel, Matt Lavelle, Lee Odom, and the home artists Paula Shocron and Pablo Díaz.

Omar Grandoso, Albert Cirera and Pablo Díaz had never played together until this concert. During the tour of Cirera around Argentina last year, the three musicians met together at Estudio Libres for a live concert. It was recorded by improviser and sound engineer Sam Nacht. This 30 minutes free improvisation is a texture journey where the sounds are mixed so deeply that it’s difficult to figure out which instruments are you listening to.
Release on July 15th.