Clean Feed Records June Releases

Source: Clean Feed Records.

Pedro Melo Alves
In Igma
A conceptual piece of work by a stellar and unusual band lead by one of the top emergent composers in Portugal these days. His drumming on The Rite of Trio has been surprising the world in every performance but nothing prepared you for this. Three singers, bass, piano, prepared guitar and drums play an equal role on the music.

Who Trio
Strell (The Music of Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn)
Absolute mastery of the three ones here, traveling so tight on this deep voyage as you can’t believe it. 20 years together as a trio can explain a lot about the way they go into and around the magnificent music composed by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

Roots Magic Take Root Among the Stars (CD+LP*)
Third opus of the incredible band of Italians playing Afro American music in its many latitudes. They feel this music the way John Carter did some years back putting Charley Patton, Phil Cochran, Ornette Coleman, Skip James, Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre and Sun Ra in the same pot of folk music where they all belong. In my opinion once again they recreated the original music with knowledge and joy but this time much more organically. Roots Magic are a top band in Europe these days and they should be treated as that.
*LP only in Pre-order

Lynn Cassiers
I think of Lynn Cassiers as the most original conceptualist in Belgium jazz if that word means anything here. She brought eight American jazz standards and arranged them for an electro acoustic setup allowing the listener to find much details in the music in every listen of the record. The rewards are endless.

Martin Küchen & Landæus Trio
Mind The Gap of Silence
Multi reeders Martin Kuchen joins the solid and powerful Landaeus trio with his horns but also writing all the music for it. It’s such a joy to listen to Martin’s music played in such a different context from Angles and Trespass, makes one sure about the universality of his music. The trio is totally engaged making the music his own.

Larry Ochs & Aram Shelton Quartet
Continental Drift
A San Francisco related band led by Larry Ochs and Aram Shelton who you can listen on other Clean Feed releases don’t say all about the contend here. It’s surely in the jazz tradition as we see it in the XXI century but also comprises strong compositional elements that turns this record as a very unique one.

Nicola Snyder
Temporary Places
These are meticulously stitched together compositions constructed from field recordings made in several geographic locations, blended with various studio materials, like manipulated clay pots, organ flutes, branches, creaky chairs, cellos, piano, chorus, chimes and bells. These are Temporary Places indeed, moving and evolving, but all the while holding space for personal exploration and contemplation. Just beautiful.