The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: June 2020 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

The realm of ambient music is as vast as its namesake; composers draw inspiration ranging from air conditioning units to high end dining experiences to craft intentional, intricate soundscapes. Its loosely defined boundaries mean that the genre is largely a blank canvas, one that artists shade in using everything from looped nature samples to the knob-twiddling bleeps of analog synths.

The weird and wonderful world of ambient Bandcamp releases this month show just how broadly encompassing the genre can be—musicians take inspiration from the worlds of dub, industrial, and post-rock. Just as these releases can be palliative, perhaps providing a much needed naturalistic atmosphere to those hopelessly holed up in tiny studio apartments, they can also be a space for catharsis, building carefully constructed sound collages from the frayed edges of this moment of political reckoning. What unites these albums is their shared desire to capture the sounds of every day, of existing in a space. At a time when taking up space feels highly charged in several different directions, it’s an especially noble pursuit.