Streaming Fest VII Takes Place on July 11

Source: Nameless Sound.

July 11, 2020
4PM (Houston)
6PM (Buenos Aires)

Stream at

We miss sharing physical space with our audience, and sharing in the sonic vibrations that emanate directly from instruments and bodies onto our own bodies and ears. Thankfully, problems can also present opportunities. Nameless Sound is jumping back into the streaming game and we’re thrilled to connect with experimental movements out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Via collaboration with TVL and RUIDO, five performing artists from Houston will alternate with five performing artists from Buenos Aires for a diverse festival of soundmaking. It’s a big small world, and much creativity resonates from its vital nodes. Let’s connect and listen.

Sandy Ewen (Houston) – guitar
Caniche (Buenos Aires)
Jorge Espinal – guitar
Carlos Eduardo Quebrada Vásquez – electronics
Ariel Invernizzi – drum
Gabriel Martinez (Houston) – percussion, handmade instruments, microphones
JAV (Buenos Aires)
Javier Areal Velez – guitar
Sonia Flores (Houston) – double bass, vocals
La jaula se ha vuelto pájaro (Buenos Aires)
Camila Nebbia – saxophone
Vio Garcia – cello
Magdalena Clavijo – violin
Belén López – double bass
Tom Carter (Houston) – lap steel guitar
Aylu (Buenos Aires) – electronics
Challenger (Houston)
Randi Long – sound sculptures, toys
Donna Teresa Brannon – sound sculptures, toys
Yoto Sndvl (Buenos Aires) – ?