June 2020 New York City Jazz Record is Out

Source: The New York City Jazz Record. And with a great set of articles.

Interview: JOE MORRIS
Joe Morris is a composer/improviser who plays guitar, double bass, mandolin, banjo, banjouke, electric bass and drums. He is also a recording artist, educator, producer, concert curator and author. DownBeat magazine called him “the preeminent free music guitarist of his generation”.

The man formerly known as the jazz drummer Bob Moses, active since the ’60s and on albums by everyone from Gary Burton to Henry Kaiser, is now Ra Kalam. The new name was bestowed upon him by Bhapuji Tisziji Muñoz, a spiritual guide to many musicians and also a killer guitarist.

Record Label Spotlight: MORE IS MORE
It’s not an exaggeration to say that trumpeter Peter Evans is one of those rare musicians identifiable after a single note. He’s one of a select cohort who has taken his instrument to levels undreamed of by previous generations, especially in the realm of solo playing. His debut under his own leadership was a striking unaccompanied outing titled More Is More on Evan Parker’s psi imprint in 2006 and he’s also used that as the banner for his own label.