Dead Neanderthals Interview

Source: Invisible Oranges.

A slow, crawling, eldritch horror, direct from the nightmare world. Dead Neanderthals has been known to craft otherworldly “heavy free jazz” atmospheres in other releases, but Blood Rite is something different and older in a… different sort of way. With Otto Kokke ditching his trademark wailing saxophone for crushing, heavily distorted synthesizer and Rene Aquarius slowing his usual blast to a slow plod, Blood Rite is far from Dead Neanderthals’ usual “New Wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz.” No, Blood Rite is minimal, destructive death/doom metal, a 27-minute venture into the darkest recesses of horror-music and pitch-black tones.

Parallels can be made between this Dutch duo’s frantic jazz musings and Blood Rite’s minimal lumbering — the names of the game here, much like with every other Dead Neanderthals album, are energy and atmosphere, which Blood Rite oozes in spades. Though this isn’t your average, or at least partially expected Dead Neanderthals release, Blood Rite’s anti-mania crushes the listener all the same. Lose yourself in an exclusive stream of this single-track album and read an interview with the band below