The Kosmische Path Less Traveled: Nine Krautrock Rarities to Know 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

In the chaotic crucible of the ’70s German underground, Krautrock didn’t represent a sound so much as a spirit. Guru Guru’s primal, post-psychedelic throb, Tangerine Dream‘s modular synth sorcery, Faust’s mischievous sonic sabotage, and all the sounds of their fellow travelers were bound together not by a collective determination to think outside the box, but a refusal to acknowledge the box even existed.

Today, acknowledging krautrock’s influence on genres as disparate as techno and indie rock is a given. But when Germany’s most innovative weirdos were working it all out in the ’70s, a lot of fairy dust fell by the wayside without anybody noticing. Luckily, history has swung back around to retrieve some of those magic artifacts that were nearly swept away. With that in mind, here’s a kosmische expedition through unreleased sessions, archival live recordings, and other relics from across krautrock’s history.

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