The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: May 2020 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

These intros are meant to be nothing more than my way of politely holding the door open, and guiding listeners inside to the music. Sometimes, I make mention of a trend or commonality shared by the recommendations. Sometimes, I provide a reminder of the essential nature of music in our lives. Sometimes, I try to slip in a joke. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter; you’re here for the music. But as important events continue to unfold in 2020, we’re reminded that our words count, and that we should strive to give everything the meaning it deserves. So this is what I’ve got: this music is for you, and it will be whatever you need today, tomorrow, and every day to come. Some of this music will be your anthem to fight. Some of this music will be your refuge for peace. There is music here to remind us that creativity is humanity’s redeeming quality. There is music here to take us back to better days. There is music here to vault us ahead with renewed strength. It’ll be whatever you need. I hope, for each of you, it’s all of these things.