The Best of the New Costa Rican Ambient Scene

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Balpehor, commonly regarded as the forefather of Costa Rica’s ambient scene, started as the dark ambient side project of a member of the black metal act Morbid Funeral. Other early adopters include noise artists connected to the experimental music collective Extremos Sonoros—such as Antisentido, Aracnofobia, APF, The Wiesengrund Project—and the IDM musician Raido. This early group of artists inspired musicians like Carla Alfaro, of Blau Grisenc. “It’s easier to manage a so-called ‘bedroom project.’” she says. “This is greatly enhanced by the ease and access to free softwares, or cheaper controllers that don’t require such steep learning curves as, for example, a guitar or drums. This allows many musicians and non-musicians to approach new forms of creation and sound perception.”