New From Midira Records

Source: Midira Records.

N + [ B O L T ] PLAY 15 AMPS
This release documents a very special set, where N + [ B O L T ] played over 15 Amps sitting in a circle in the middle of a church. The album features a stereo reduction of the live set and comes in a grey cardboardsleeve with a white ink screenprinted cover.

Kesselhaus is a double album, that is divided on three formats (Vinyl/CD/Digital). The first thisquietarmy solo album after the band project shows a new side of Eric Quach. The album is very dark, noisy and rough. The sounds move from industrial, noise, drone to massive electronic soundwalls. Kesselhaus is available in an edition of 100 transparent and 150 black copies featuring exclusive tracks on CD and Download, all housed in a massive 4panel gatefold vinyl sleeve.

The debut album by Jarmo Huhta from Finland takes you on a very special sound journey peppered with various instruments and effects. It´s like an ambient fairytale but features also some very catchy tracks, that burn their melodies into your mind. “Midair” comes in an edition of 100 copies on blue transparent vinyl housed in reverse board printed sleeves.