New Releases from NendoDango Records

Source: NendoDango Records.

MOTOR is a super-powerful free jazz and experimental trio. They combine free improvisations and simple composed melodies in a great natural way. Salvo, Obligado and von Schultz are three of the great improvisers in Argentina and this album show us how good they communicate each other.
Release date: June 1, 2020

MoNoCROmo is the first album of bassist Germán Lamonega, who has collaborated with home artists Paula Shocron and Pablo Díaz in ANFITRION (NDR01) by SLD Trio, as well as TENSEGRIDAD released on the legendary hatOLOGY. MoNoCRoMo is a solo bass album of nine improvisations with an introspective approach. The sound of the entire album is beautiful and natural; it’s really nice to listen the wood of the instrument vibrating during each second of the 45 minutes long of the record. Release date: June 15, 2020