Upcoming Isolated Field Recordings Series 

Source: ISSUE Project Room.

In response to COVID-19’s impact on public assembly, ISSUE Project Room is commissioning artists to produce field recordings to be streamed over the course of this challenging and isolated time. This series will support artists directly in an unprecedented moment of uncertainty, struggle, and financial risk and emphasize the solidarity of artists working in a situation where everyday life is confined and separated. Focusing on recordings from artists’ current conditions, the series will broadly approach the field recording as an expanded form and open invitation to experiment with home audio recording during this period of social distancing.

LoVid: 8pm Wednesday, June 10th
Dawn Kasper: 8pm Thursday, June 11th
Rachelle Rahmé: 8pm Wednesday, June 17th
Peter Zummo: 8pm Thursday, June 18th
C. Spencer Yeh: 8pm Wednesday, June 24th
Voice Training: 8pm Thursday, June 25th
Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves: 8pm Wednesday, July 1st
James K: 8pm Thursday, July 2nd
Laura Ortman: 8pm Wednesday, July 8th