Amos Cochran Announces New Album

From Amos Cochran:

Amos Cochran is an Emmy-nominated composer, musician, and sound artist based in America. His compositions for film, theater, radio, and television have received many honors, including a 2010 Kennedy Center Excellence in Composing Award and a premier at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. In 2019, he was commissioned by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to create a sound piece for their groundbreaking outdoor exhibition Color Field, and he was selected by global creative house Justkids to be an official artist of the award-winning Unexpected urban and contemporary art festival. Cochran’s diverse scoring experience has led him to create a solo album that speaks with a voice steeped in post-modern classical music–with a nod to traditions of the genre’s more distant past. The album’s title, Niente (Italian, literally translated as “nothing”), is a musical term indicating a marking for the performer to fade the music as it concludes to little more than a whisper. The word is employed here to underscore the crucial role of dynamics in the emotional scope of the work. Crafted with piano, violin, cello, and the occasional sound texture, the songs unfold like half-remembered stories, or dreams. The melodies are deceptively simple, inspiring a sense of nostalgia for a calmer time. Niente is available on all of the usual streaming services and at