Power Ambient’s Chaotic, Contradictory Sound 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

At face value, “power ambient” reads as a smug contradiction, residing in the same neighborhood as a “deafening silence” or “living end.” But it only takes a moment’s listen to realize that no name could be more fitting: these are sounds too atmospheric to keep pulses marching in ravetime, yet too dogged to ride in the backseat of listeners’ brains.

The genre—kind of a platonic ideal between ambient and techno—quietly reached its zenith in 2014 and failed to join the shorthand of electronic or experimental music. Power ambient’s lack of notoriety shouldn’t be seen as a testament to the genre’s quality, though. Moreso, it makes the crossover between these two disparate realms of sound all the more resonant. Here are eight power ambient releases to know.