A Discussion with Tim Berne & Nasheet Waits

Source: Sound It Out!

These may be dark days in many ways, but it’s definitely a good time to be a Tim Berne fan. In February came The Fantastic Mrs. 10 (Intakt), an album featuring an expanded, explosive version of the saxophonist-composer’s long-running Snakeoil band, augmented by guitarist Marc Ducret. Then, in late April, Relative Pitch released The Coandă Effect, an album recorded last October that captures Berne live in a duo with the ever-compelling drummer Nasheet Waits. And on May 1, Berne inaugurated a new digital-only label, 9 Donkeys, with his first solo album, the intensely hypnotic Sacred Vowels, recorded at home just two weeks before. (The label also released guitarist extraordinaire/studio conjurer David Torn’s fur, a tremendous solo record – a career highlight, even; both albums are available via Bandcamp.)

The title of The Coandă Effect references a phenomenon of physics, named for Romanian inventor Henri Coandă, that aids in aerodynamic lift; the title is apt, because the record feels like a ceaseless, buoyant swirl of melodic and rhythmic energy. In this Q&A, Berne and Waits – who have both appeared in the Sound It Out series multiple times since the series was founded in 2012 – discuss the rare performance that made for the album, with Berne also talking about how The Coandă Effect relates to Sacred Vowels and a new method of melodic writing for him.