Oren Ambarchi’s Label Black Truffle is Experimental Music At Its Most Welcoming 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

It’s a statement that says a lot about the label; it’s also filled with rare treats and delicacies that feel like they have magically been plucked from nowhere. Ambarchi, an Australian multi-instrumentalist and figurehead across ambient, avant-garde, noise, improv and electronic music, founded the label in 2009 as a way to reissue his own long out-of-print records. But the label soon blossomed into a home for Ambarchi’s numerous collaborations, and eventually became an outlet for other artists and their music, new and old. As a long-time contributor to drone titan Sunn O))), Ambarchi got the band’s Stephen O’ Malley on board to design the artwork for all of the releases.