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John Zorn : Calculus
Two 20-minute compositions scored for jazz piano trio, “Calculus” is a complex and exhilarating display of instrumental virtuosity at its most extreme. Drawing upon all of Zorn’s musical obsessions, from thorny atonality to touching minimalism, burning jazz, funk, folk, exotica, ambient, noise and more, this is some of the most ambitious and expansive music ever created for jazz piano trio. Passionately performed by Brian Marsella, Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen, “Calculus” is an outrageous and kaleidoscopic journey into the unknown!
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Brian Marsella: Piano
Kenny Wollesen: Drums

Witch ‘n’ Monk : Witch ‘n’ Monk
Blending Latin American flutes, electronics, complex vocal lines with a touch of Frank Zappa lyricism and a radical punk aesthetic, the duo of Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra crafts a dramatically bizarre vocal music from another dimension! Intertwining dark/light, feminine/masculine, composed/improvised and punk/romantic, dreamlike improvisations are sampled, manipulated and reinvented through the lens of contemporary music and pop. You have never heard anything quite like Witch ’n’ Monk!
Gidon Carmel: Drums
Heidi Heidelberg: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin
Sebastian Rochford: Drums
Nicolas Stocker: Drums
Mauricio Velasierra: Flutes (Quenas, Mozenos, Gaitas And Sikus Pipes), Charango, Vocals