AKAMU Music News on Releases

Source: AKAMU Music Productions.

Wayne Horvitz’ awaited new upcoming release (May 22, 2020): Sara Shoenbeck and Wayne Horvitz, Cell Walk (Songlines Records). Available digitally since April 15.

James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor new release on Apr 17, 2020 “Live in Willisau”

James Brandon Lewis with Heroes Are Gang Leaders (HAGL) released “Artificial Happyness Button”

Roscoe Mitchell with Ostravskà Banda, performing Distant Radio Transmission Nonaah Trio Cutout For Woodwind Quintet and 8.8.88

Elaine Mitchener’s 23th March 2020 performance at solo at Cafè Oto

Liberty Ellman – released on Mar 27, 2020 “Last Desert” – Pi Recordings 85 Street