Tongue Theory Festival to Stream on May 24

On Sunday 24th May the entire Tongue Theory festival will stream online. Held over an early January 2020 weekend in Bristol, UK – Tongue Theory featured free improvisation, noise, free jazz & other musics from Bristol and beyond. Filmed, recorded & replayed for your viewing & listening pleasure, all from the comfort of your own home.

With sets from: Harpoon, Viridian Ensemble, Helsons Angels, ALT trio, Yungylek, Cooke/Lash duo, Euan Metz, Hokkett, Bristol Unit, Kar Pouz, Foster / Grigg / Hill / Lash / Papaioannou.

Artists featured: Paul Anstey, Esme Betamax, Caitlin Alais Callahan, Seth Cooke, Robin Foster, Matthew Grigg, Bob Helson, Tim Hill, Tina Hitchens, Joseph Kelly, Mark Langford, Dominic Lash, Yvonna Magda, Euan Metz, Helen Papaioannou, Laura Phillips, Dali de Saint Paul, Roger Skerman, Rebecca Sneddon, Roger Telford, Aron Ward.

Sunday 24th May – 3pm (GMT) onwards

Watch online here

Watch the trailer here