Music Designed to Help You Sleep

Source: Bandcamp Daily. Some decent ambient for awake listening as well.

Ben Chasny couldn’t sleep. Late last year, Chasny—who has helped shape the vanguard of experimental rock and folk for the last two decades as Six Organs of Admittance—was moving back to California after extended stints in New England. His partner, Magik Markers cofounder Elisa Ambrogio, was still working on the East Coast. After each of his frequent visits to Connecticut, he would return to their new half-empty home in Humboldt County and grapple with lingering jet lag.

Chasny would go to bed early, wake up in the middle of the night, and struggle to get more rest. To battle the cycle, he finally turned on a virtual synthesizer and began shaping billowing drones he thought might help, a self-prescribed sleeping pill of sound.