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Cory Smythe is undoubtedly the most exhilarating, astounding and challenging pianist I have ever worked with. His talent knows no bounds. When he asked me to be part of Accelerate Every Voice, I had no idea what I was in for. Microtones, odd meters, complex rhythms, shifting soundscape through which I was asked to weave in and out of composed material and improvisation, all with a stellar cast of vocalists. What joy! Even though it was the most difficult piece of music I had ever tackled! One track streaming now at above link, full release on June 12 from Pyroclastic Records.


Last year, William invited me to a recording session, and I have since learned that the album I am on, titled Cheops, will be released as part of a multi-CD set of his music later this year. One track streaming now called The Map Is Precise. Working with William is always such a deep experience and I am still digesting it.


Not something I am on but a boxset which I assisted with the production of, Duo (Improv) 2017 will be released from New Braxton House Records on Anthony Braxton’s birthday June 4th. Anthony Braxton with Eugene Chadbourne. One track streaming now and it is spectacular.

If you missed it, I was interviewed by Dave Douglas in the Before time period: