Machinefabriek Update May 2020 

Source: Machinefabriek.

Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker – Oehoe
The songs on Oehoe started with improvisations from Anne, on violin and viola, mostly using her instrument and voice in unison, which sounds amazing. Then I edited her recordings into songs, and added electronic sounds (mostly recorded at Rotterdam’s WORM studio) and midi instruments. The result sort of sounds like Renaissance music from the future. That might be just me, do you’d better check for yourself… Two of the album tracks are available to stream on Bandcamp.

Rutger Zuydervelt & Bruno Duplant – l’incertitude
The tapes are still in transit from Portugal to my place, but it shouldn’t take long now…
Very nice to be collaborating with the great French musician/composer Bruno Duplant, whom I’ve admired for a while now. We created two long, trippy, transportive soundcapes, for an ultimate immersive experience. Perfect for these times!

Michel Banabila – All Connected
Michel Banabila, half of the renowned duo Banabila & Machinefabriek, has released a digital album with collaborational tracks. It includes Dartel, a joyous piece I had the pleasure to work on. Other collaborators include Oene van Geel, Radboud Mens, Maryana Golovchenko, and more.