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Laurie Anderson’s Catalog Profiled

Source: The Guardian.

What came next was Big Science, a definitive take on avant-pop that used singsong cultural commentary and the ethereal sounds of the OB-Xa poly-synthesiser to paint a timeless portrait of America on the edge of a technological revolution. Throughout the album, Anderson embodies different characters in American society, letting them speak through her processed vocals and satirically authoritative lyrics. Despite being firmly rooted in the sounds and current events of the 80s, Big Science has aged well. As her proto-ASMR vocals lead us through tales of American planes falling from the sky, the construction of drive-in banks and love fading to disgust, she conjures an almost meditative state. But screeching bagpipes, jittery timpani and sorrowful violin interludes keep full rest out of reach, implying that just around the corner from placation, something sinister lies in wait.