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Catherine Sikora and Matteo Liberatore – Build a gold house to bury the devil (self released, 2020) ****½

Elliot Sharp and Sergio Sorrentino – Spilla’ (Ants, 2020) ****½

Rachel Musson, Naoko Saito, Audrey Lauro – 点字呼吸の領域 [The Region of Braille Respiration] (Armageddon Nova, 2020) ****

Mark Segger Sextet – Lift Off (18th Note Records, 2020) ****½

ROPE (Frank Paul Schubert, Uwe Oberg, Paul Rogers, Mark Sanders ) – Open Ends (Trouble in the East Records, 2020) ****½

Laura Toxværd – Songbook (Ilk Music, 2019) **** / ***½

Interview with Devin Gray Live – Friday, May 1st

Two from Nick Storring