Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura Present Daily Facebook Live Performances

Source: Satoko Fujii.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this very difficult time.

We are also staying at home.

We had such a good response when we recorded and delivered a very short performance on Facebook the other day, we decided to do performances on a regular basis via Facebook Live via

Because of the time difference between Japan, Europe and America, we plan to perform at different times on different days so that our fans call all hear us. And if you miss a performance, you can watch it later.

Here’s the schedule (times listed in Eastern Daylight Time & Central Europe Time):

Mon. 9 p.m. EDT – Fujii solo
Tue. 9 p.m. EDT – Tamura solo
Wed. 9 p.m. EDT – Fujii & Tamura duo
Fri. 11 a.m. CET – Fujii solo
Sat. 11 a.m. CET – Tamura solo
Sun. 11 a.m. CET – Fujii & Tamura duo

We also will appear at a live house Fringe concert in Bristol, England at 1 p.m. UK time on May 3rd. You can watch here: