Spotlight on Darius Jones From Aum Fidelity

Source: Aum Fidelity.

The initial impetus behind AUM Fidelity doing this spotlight now was simple – we wanted to help a brother out as best we could in this unprecedented time. At least one, right now. And then of course – Darius’ music is powerful to the Nth, filled with ever-fertile creativity; always underpinned by a genuine compassion for his fellow humans – certainly an eternal tonic. We’ve been spending a lot of time with it again lately.

As a performing artist and a teacher of music in a classroom, he is one whose income dried right up well over a month ago, with no change in sight. Current projections say that social gatherings won’t really be safe to happen until.. late 2020 at earliest?!
To The Point: 100% of all proceeds from sales of Darius Jones’ remarkable body of work during the month of April through his birthday on May 3 will go directly to Darius in one hopefully decent sized check, sent straightaway on May 4.

AUM Fidelity will also match every sale with a commensurate entry on the accounts, so that all purchases during this spotlight are doubled. Purchases/support via bandcamp or the AUM Fidelity site are included in this.