Steve Lehman Made a Solo EP in His Car, For a New Series on Pi Recordings

Source: WBGO.

Steve Lehman, the acclaimed alto saxophonist, needed a place to play.

“Even in normal circumstances, it’s a bit of a struggle,” Lehman reports, speaking by phone. “Right now, I wouldn’t say there’s much of a balance. My own personal work is getting short shrift, and that’s sort of what led to this little EP.”

The EP he’s referring to is called Xenakis and the Valedictorian: a collection of 10 concise pieces, most under a minute long, that Lehman made in the mobile studio also known as his car. To be more specific: he recorded all of this material using the Voice Memo app on an iPhone, in the front seat of his 2011 Honda CRV. Due out next Friday on Pi Recordings, it will inaugurate a digital-only series the label is calling “This Is Now.” (The series has a subtitle, “Love in the Time of COVID,” with a wink and a nod in the direction of Gabriel García Márquez.)