Chicago Underground Quartet Profiled and New Album Reviewed

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

At their core, The Chicago Underground Quartet aren’t really a quartet. Nor are they a trio or duo or even an orchestra, as previous recordings have indicated. They are a map of Chicago’s musical roots—of connections, beginnings, and destinations. They’re a de facto collective of forward-thinking musicians nurtured by—and essential to—the Chicago experimental scene. In the two decades since their formation, some members have moved away, and others have stayed; but their solo work reflects the same spirit of adventure that brought them together in the first place. Trumpeter Rob Mazurek, drummer-percussionist Chad Taylor, and guitarist Jeff Parker have reunited for Good Days, re-forming as a quartet with Josh Johnson on keys. And while it sounds brand new, the music still features the familiar scattershot rhythms, pliable melodies, encounters with the blues, flirtations with drone, and groove interludes that you’d expect from the group. Good Days is the sound of jazz today, but for the musicians who made it, it’s also thick with history.