Machinefabriek Update

Source: Machinefabriek.

A brand new solo album! It’s raw, unpolished, but (I think) it also has a fleeting, cinematic quality to it, as well as a sense of intimacy. The album is based on a series of improvisations with a very hands-on hardware setup, using my regular old tone generator, effects pedals, dictaphones, contact mics, etc. The recorded material was then mixed and edited into the pieces on this album, while retaining the liveliness of the source material. The only deviation is Metallic (Edit), which is an older track that originally appeared on a Japanese compilation tape, but – in this newly edited form – seemed to fit with the Amalgaam pieces perfectly.

The Sounds Outside
I’ve known Chantal Acda for quite a while now (see Huis, below), and since the crisis is letting us stay indoors anyway, why not use that time to create something new. And voila, here it is. Twenty strange minutes, with vocals, synths (Chantal’s favorite Moog Grandmother can be seen on the cover) and electronics stitched together like some weird Frankenstein monster. Not exactly easy listening, but a lot of fun to make. The release is on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download. Enjoy!

In 2007 I released the Huis EP on 3″ cdr, my then format of choice. No idea why it took so long, but it was about time that it became available digitally. I’m quite fond of this one, as it marked the beginning of my ongoing collaborations with Chantal Acda and Peter Broderick, and includes the beautiful playing of Aaron Martin (with whom I made Cello Recycling earlier that year). The release is clearly influenced by the quirky ‘folktronica’ I was obsessed with back then, like The Books, Colleen, Tape, Anne Laplantine, etc. And there’s a Frysian lullabye, sung by my now-wife :-)