Interview with Peter Andersson 

Source: Andersson is the driving force behind Raison d’Etre and various other dark ambient efforts. Scroll down for English.

Around this time I had also started to listen to more non-commerical music, industrial music (Einsturzende Neaubauten, SPK, Coil) and ambient (Brian Eno, Robert Rich) music. I just felt very much belonging to it. I didn’t want to be a pop star. I just wanted to make music than mean something to me. Music that could get med flowing around in my inner space. After some years, in 1988, I got a keyboard as birthday present. I started finally to make music on my own. It was a simple instrument but it got a synthesizer function and I think I manage to make to most out of it. I tried to to some serious stuff. I also experimented with a broken tape recorder and I manage to make some very experimental pieces.