New Releases from Midira Records

Source: Midira Records.


We are very happy to present you our first collaboration with the constantly transforming orchestra by Aidan Baker and Eric Quach.

The lineup of this Hypnodrone Ensemble features Aidan, Eric and Kristin Sebastian, Jérémie Mortier and Angela Muñoz Martínez on drums. So imagine how impulsive this two guitars / three drums combo is on stage. We first saw this lineup in cologne on Halloween 2019 (all pictures used for the tape are from that show, thanks to Mockie Knippser). The energy that comes from three drums who are playing synchronously conjuncted by massive guitar drones is absolutely breathtaking and brings your body automatically in motion.

So we were very happy that two days later the show at N9 in Eeklo (Belgium) was recorded, so we had the chance to archive this tour line-up on tape. The recording is a mix of a soundboard recording and the direct recording by Eric Quach on stage. All sounds got mixed and mastered by Eric Quach to get the best “it´s happening right now” feeling, when you listen to the tape.


Some years ago we released “Bungled & Botched (Moving Noises Version)” by Nadja, a tape featuring the album as played at Christuskirche Bochum at the Moving Noises Festival. Now another full album performance is available on tape.

“SV (Moving Noises Version)” features a live version of this 45minutes drone-doom-monolith, performed at Christuskirche Bochum. Originally released via Essence Music featuring a stunning collage artwork by Seldon Hunt, this one track album got immediately one of our favorite releases. Nadja played the album as last performance of the Moving Noises Festival at Christuskirche Bochum and it was an amazing experience to get catched by this slowly growing and mesmerizing track. After the set it felt like just getting started with the festival, but in reality it was the closure of a very long festival day.