Tri-Centric Foundation / Anthony Braxton Update

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

[Bootleg Series]
Please visit our SoundCloud page to listen to some of our Bootleg Albums. Just added is Quartet (Avignon) 1974. We will continue to upload more in the coming days.

[Shipping delay and free Vimeo link]
Shipping for box sets will be delayed. For anyone purchasing the Trillium J box set, we will immediately send out a free streaming and download Vimeo link for the performance of Trillium J, the content of the Blu-ray included in the box set. Regarding the upcoming release Duo (Improv) 2017, the duo of Anthony with Eugene Chadbourne, we are hoping to have the box sets in hand by late spring or early summer. We will keep you posted.

[Face the Music]
We are very excited to collaborate once again with Kaufman Music Center’s Face the Music, our third year together! You may recall The New York Times article documenting the very beginning, when we first introduced Anthony Braxton’s Language Music to the students. This time, we will be working with the students remotely and plan to present more Braxton compositions including Composition No. 10 (photo above). Hats off to Face the Music for continuing to engage the students during this difficult time.

[Tri-Axium Writings]
Tri-Axium Writings is coming along! Please take a look below, a sample page produced by Jody Diamond from Frog Peak Music with whom we are partnering for this project. We decided on the font and the size. Now we will produce chapters, then start rolling them out to various proofreaders.

[Forces In Motion]
We have been alerted that Graham Lock’s Forces In Motion has made its film debut! “The big moment comes just after the 16’ 40” mark.”