A Closer Listen’s Spring Music Preview 2020 ~ Experimental 

Source: A Closer Listen.

If you’re looking for something different this spring, the experimental section is the place to find it! This is the home for improvised jazz, electro-acoustics, glossolalia, abstraction, dissonance, the hard to categorize and the just plain weird. If it doesn’t fit in the other genres, it ends up here. There’s a huge variety to the selections, but we’d be shocked if anybody liked everything; that’s kind of the point. Outsiders, iconoclasts and originals will likely bond with at least one of these albums and declare it brilliant, then play it for their friends, who in turn will roll their eyes or run screaming from the room. Why do we like this sort of music? Sometimes we’re not sure; in the words of the classic Apple Jacks commercial, “we just do.” We’re glad you do too! And now we hope you enjoy the fourth of our five spring previews.